We’re making a book and we need your help.

Forthcoming from Avid Reader Press, The Call Me Ishmael Phone Book will be a revival of the white- and yellow-paged directory you remember, but instead of finding contact information, you’ll use the Phone Book to find and celebrate amazing works of literature. You can browse through pages of fun, literature-inspired “adverts” and phone number listings. When one piques your interest, you can simply call Ishmael, dial the extension, and the corresponding story will play.

The Call Me Ishmael Phone book will feature some of our favorite calls, along with hundreds of brand new, anonymous bookish stories that will only be available through the book.

long phone clear.004.png

Here’s where you come in: Your voice and bookish story can be a part of the Phone Book. Want more information on how to get involved? Join our crew of bookish storytellers here: